About Cold Laser Therapy

This treatment therapy uses photons of light energy in specific wavelengths of visible and infrared energy that are proven to penetrate tissue.

These activities result in the following outcomes:

  • Accelerated healing process
  • Reduced pain
  • Decreased fluid retention
  • Decreased Inflammation
Cold laser therapy—also called low-level laser therapy uses low-level light energy to treat a wide variety of conditions, ranging from sprains, tendinitis, back pain, and arthritis to temporomandibular disorder (chronic jaw pain), carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and leg ulcers.
Laser Therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, and accelerate the healing process while strengthening damaged tissue. There is no pain caused by Cold Laser Therapy.
The FDA has approved cold laser therapy for use in the United States. Laser treatment may last as little as 5 minutes, or as long as 20 minutes. The total number of treatments is generally 8-15 depending upon many factors which will be evaluated by your physician.
The reaction may reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and promote healing. This therapy can be used for a number of problems, including knee pain due to injury or osteoarthritis.