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How well do you handle stress?








What is heart rate variability?

Heart rate variability (HRV) measures how your body handles the three different types of stressors; physical, chemical, and emotional.  It is the gold standard for determining adaptability from vital reserve energy to rely on so you can stay well and maximize your potential.  The greater the variability, the healthier the heart.


Why is it important?elevated-levles

By measuring your heart rate, the HRV scan determines your body’s ability to recover from stress and lets you know if you have a health risk.

It shows how our lifestyles and our body’s ability to adapt impacts our lifespan and our quality of life.

Chronic stress leading to dis-stress will swing the balance and reduce the variability. An increase is associated with overt or quiet inflammatory states. A continuation along this path by not changing lifestyle will enable the body to restore itself and the inflammatory process continues breaking down your body’s ability to protect itself and rebuild damaged tissue organ and gland.  If this is left to continue, adverse detrimental health issues are inevitable by this declining state of health.  This downward spiral is fed by the day-to-day stress in one’s life, be it physical, chemical, or emotional.  This is a cumulative negative effect on your body’s life force be it the nervous system.

left-to-rigtHRV is not an exact diagnosis of disease but rather an indicator of the present state of adaptability. Chronic increases in health risk can be observed and reported when sequential
HRV reading are obtained.