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Dr. Michalski is a member of the Doctors Speakers Bureau.

As such, the doctors provide lectures, workshops and muscle and nerve analysis as a community service to educate the public in natural health and wellness care.

Topics include: Headaches, Neck and Back Pain, Digestive Problems, Sinus Congestion, Fibromyalgia, Nutrition, Carpal Tunnel and Pressure Point Therapy.

If you have a gym, school, company, group or an organization that would be interested to host a workshop at NO CHARGE, please contact Michalski Chiropractic for additional information and available dates.

Lectures & Classes Available

Low Back for MPS Recreation Class

Location: Alcott Elementary 3563 S. 97th St
Audience: Everyone is welcome
Registration: 414-778-1900
Dates: Call for Dates

Explore some natural approaches to preventing and treating low back pain. You will learn exercises, nutritional recommendations, Do’s and Don’ts and more to support a healthy back.

Fast Track to Health

Location: Michalski Chiropractic Office
Audience: Everyone is welcome
Registration: 414-778-1900
Dates: Call for Dates

This workshop is designed to help you in your everyday activities to prevent injury. We cover topics such as: Pressure Point (trigger point therapy) with handouts. This is a hands-on technique you can do on yourself or someone else to relieve pain and discomfort for a number of conditions (many are contained in the handouts). We find areas of stress or tension in the body that can compress a nerve, cutting the “power off.” Pressure point therapy when applied releases the interference and initiates the healing process. Body function is discussed and how it can be damaged by activities of daily living. We give “tips” on how to protect and strengthen your body to handle the stresses of daily life! We also cover pillows, mattresses, supports, nutrition, exercise and when to apply hot or cold. During the program there is a brief intermission and food is provided. Questions are welcome during the class.

Nerve System Analysis

Location: SNAP Fitness located at 120th & Bluemound
Audience: Open to the public. There is a membership fee to Snap Fitness.
Dates: Call for Dates

They have invited us into their facility to offer their members a computerized analysis of the nervous system to determine if the member has a hidden health problem or confirm an existing condition. Following this procedure, as a gift we give the members a gift certificate for an examination at our office. This includes a complete thermographic and surface EMG, as well as a chiropractic neurological and orthopedic examination. To begin this process we do a thorough history of the member’s current health status and past accidents or injuries which have resulted in current physical state. Other contributing factors would be chemical exposure (environmental toxins and poor diet), emotional distress (family, finances and work) and/or physical overload to the body.

When we finish our examination we’ll know more about you than you ever knew about yourself.

Healthy Ways to a Good Digestive Tract with Milwaukee Recreation

Location: Cooper Elementary School
Audience: Everyone is welcome
Registration: 414-778-1900
Dates: Call for Dates

Natural solutions to digestive problems, acid reflux, hiatal hernias, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and Crohn’s disorder that affect over 61 million Americans a year.In the year 2000 alone, pharmaceutical companies sold more that 96 billion dollars in drugs to treat digestive-related conditions.

This presentation will show you how the digestive tract works and therefore its controlling mechanism being the nervous system. Malfunction through nerve interference can cause these conditions to arise. We will also teach you how to aid your digestive tract with natural solutions such as diet, vitamins, cleanses and a description of reflex points to aid in proper elimination and a simple exercise to relieve the burning effect of acid reflux.

Pressure Point Therapy for MPS Recreation Class

Location: 81st St. School – 2964 N. 81st St. (Enter through the main door on 81st Street)
Audience: Everyone is welcome
Registration: (414)-475-8811
Dates: Call for Dates

This pressure point therapy workshop will give you some tools you can use to alleviate pain and discomfort. A pressure point is an area of nerve, cutting the “power off.” Pressure point therapy is easily learned and can be applied by anyone! *Presented by Michalski Chiropractic Clinic.
** Class is non-refundable.