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Are you experiencing back pain? Have you been diagnosed with degenerative discs, herniation’s, protrusions, bulging discs, sciatica, or any other spinal issues? Are you sick of aching, throbbing, shooting, stabbing, Burning, or pinching pain? If you are like most people with spinal issues, some sort of pain is now just ‘business as usual’?

Pain Serves a Purpose

But, pain is there for a reason. It is to let us know something is wrong, and the more severe the pain, the more urgent the body wants it fixed.  I’m sure you went to your primary doctor who did x-rays and maybe prescribed muscle relaxers, neurological suppressors or something for the pain. Then you were referred to a specialist. The specialist probably did a CT scan or an MRI and then told you that what ever their specialty is, they can help you. Maybe you had epidural steroid injections, RFA’s (Radio Frequency Ablations), physical therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, spinal fusion, disc replacement or any of the other vast options out there. Now, some of the options are helpful on some level, others may seem a complete waste of time.


You may have also tried many things at home. Medicines like topical gels, Anti-inflammatory’s, pain relievers, and other prescription drugs. Equipment like TENS Units, Flex inversion tables, back supports, massage rollers, Massage chairs, and more. You may have also tried other home activities like physical therapy such as stretches and exercises, soaking in a hot bath or hot-tub, getting a massage, or whatever else.

From a Patient with Back Problems

“I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my ‘L2/L3, L3/L4, L4/L5 & L5/S1’. I also have Protrusions, Herniation’s & Sciatica. This all started back in the late 1990’s and by 2003 I was starting my journey through the process above. I have had all of the medications, all the home treatments and all the medical ‘Solutions’ except for the quadruple fusion and don’t qualify for disc replacement (too many bad discs). I have finally reached a point where i realized that I will be like this the rest of my life. Then, I started exercising and changed my diet to lose weight, which helped more than anything else I tried. I heard about Dr. Michalski, and figured i could use some temporary pain reduction, so I would see him for a bit.

I have been seeing Dr. Michalski for a few months now. Within the first month, I noticed a huge difference. Not only in the level of pain I was in, but also in the movements I could do without crippling effects. I also noticed i was sleeping longer and waking up more refreshed. I was able to reduce my pain medication and eliminate my muscle relaxer all together. I feel better today than I have for the last 15 years.

If you have been through any of the treatments above, skip the rest of the torture and come see Dr. Michalski. You won’t regret it.


The Solution!!!

There are less invasive ways that tend to be much more successful and longer lasting. Dr. Michalski is a Chiropractic Orthopedist. Unlike most chiropractors, Chiropractic Orthopedists have training and equipment available to them that most don’t. As a matter of fact, less than 1% of chiropractors can do what Dr. Michalski can do. 

Dr. Michalski can get your body re-aligned and back to doing what it is supposed to do… support you. He will also work with you on things you can do in your life such as diet, exercise, stretching, supplements, back supports when sitting (including when driving), and more. Unlike specialists that have their specialty, his goal is to improve your fuction, overall. Not just one part of it.

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The Posture Pump is one of the treatments that can help.