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Testimonials – from our patients


My name is Rita B. and I did the 10-day Blood Sugar cleanse and lost 6 pounds. I was sluggish a lot before I started, and now that has gotten much better and I can think a lot clearer because I feel better and have more energy. Because of this experience I am eating more vegetables. Something else I have noticed is my moods are much better, My sleep has even improved, and I actually had improvement with my blood pressure. I really “need to do it again”! I have even referred a friend to do the cleanse because of the improvements that I have had.

Rita B.


My name is Thomas B. I completed the 21-day Purification Program, my biggest win is that now I’m feeling great! Before the cleanse I lived on fast food and I was constantly run down. Now I even experience more energy. I’m very aware of my choices in eating and shopping for food. I have also really noticed an increase in my sense of smell and can focus more readily. I used to be cranky and I have a positive attitude with increased energy level.

Another thing I have really noticed is a big difference in the morning! I used to sit around and just be lethargic, now I am getting up and getting involved earlier in the morning, and I believe that is because I have been able to sleep longer and more sound.

I have also lost 16 pounds (with no exercise), and my blood pressure has gone down to normal and it is holding at that level! I find I have an entirely different attitude on life since this cleanse. By that I mean that healthier choices are easier to make because I see how healthier choices can increase your energy levels. I have recommended this cleanse to some of my friends.

Thomas B.

Biggest Sugar addict (ed)

I had to be one of the biggest sugar addicts on this planet.. so when I heard about this sugar cleanse I was pretty skeptical because I honestly didn’t think I would actually stick to it. But after completing not only 10 but 12 days on the cleanse I have to say I am now a reformed sugar addict!

I can’t believe what an incredibly big change it has made in my energy level, my muscle strength and I do believe it has actually helped even out my moods.. plus for me being a spinal cord injury person it has also helped with my muscle spasms that were so strong they could even knock me over when I tried to walk or stand toothbrush my teeth.

Another one of the great results was that I lost 6 ½ pounds! Which is really nice when you go to zip up your jeans!! 🙂 and lastly it helped me with my eating habits b getting me on a great smoothie program which I find that I can get all my fruits and veggies in just one shake.. which is nice for somebody that doesn’t have a lot of time but would still like to eat properly.

I would definitely recommend this cleanse to everyone.. even if you think that you don’t eat a lot of sugar because it’s definitely an eye opener when you get your adjustments and they last longer plus I’ve needed fewer than before.

I’m actually even contemplating doing the 21 day cleanse since it sure is great to feel good and I really don’t want to backslide into those bad habits again.

Upper Back and Neck Pain

Ten years ago my husband came to see Dr. Michalski for his Low Back pain. I also came for my upper back  and neck pain due to my work related posture (I am a dentist.)

This problem affected my life by keeping me in constant pain in my upper back and neck. My neck did not have the full range of movement. I’m also a dancer and therefore could not do certain dance moves due to my neck.

Before trying chiropractic, I did try massage therapy. However, the results would only last for a little while. After starting care, I noticed a difference mentally – I know I’m in good care and I’m empowered with the knowledge on how to take care of myself.

One thing that I did not expect was the Instant pain relief after an adjustment and a better range of motion. I feel this is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.

Judie C.

Sciatic Leg Pain, Dizziness and Positional Vertigo

I first came to Dr. Michalski’s Wellness clinic on September 7, 2010.

My sciatic pain in my right leg was a level 5 out of 10 and had been that way for four years. I had problems lifting my right leg when entering a car or my bathtub,as well as riding my bicycle. Also, for the past seventeen years I had right knee pain when putting weight on it while going upstairs. After a downhill skiing accident, when my right knee and my ski binding didn’t release, I had sever hip pain.

I also suffered from dizziness and positional vertigo for the last 30+ years, due to a head injury.

I found Michalski Chiropractic Wellness Center when I went to the senior health fair at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I love the Zoo!

The results I got a Michalski Chiropractic Wellness Center were Great! I have no more sciatic pain! My corrected subluxations permits me to lift my right leg into the car and tub and I can go up and down stairs normally. I have also stopped a restless leg issue and I can walk without pain. Best of all, my vertigo and dizziness is completely GONE!

Bernie H.

Lower Back

My coming to Dr. Michalski and Dr. Hauke has saved me from the rest of my years as a lady sitting home in pain and not being able to do the things I love and also daily things that needed to be done. I am 73 years old, a widow, with five grandkids from the age of 20 months to 35 years old and 4 great-grandkids from the age of 20 months to 8 years old. I am very busy babysitting and doing things with my family. Thanks to Doctor Hauke and Doctor Michalski and the activator method, I am well, full of energy, and my dizzy spells are no longer a problem! I can now do the things I have always done with a smile on my face because I am no longer in pain!!

Joan S.

Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Posterior Head

The reason I came to Michalski Chiropractic was because of the EXTREME pain in my shoulders. I was also having pain in my upper back part of my head. The pain in my head was so bad that it felt like I had whiplash.

These problems were so terrible that they interfered with my daily living agenda. It finally got to the point where I could not even turn my head when I was driving.

After starting chiropractic care, I have noticed extreme improvements!! I have even been sleeping much better! I also feel like I have more energy and I have a positive outlook on things. Over all, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! I can even turn my head again, so driving is no longer an issue!

One of the other positive changes that occurred, that I did not expect, was to see such an improvement in my energy level. It feels great to have the energy to do things that I couldn’t have before. I can really tell the difference when I come for my appointment versus when I miss one. I thank the doctor’s for all the wonderful work they have done!

I feel like a whole new person!!

Shari P.