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Triple Action Healthy Inflammatory Response

The Chinese have used turmeric for thousands of years. It’s called “Holy Powder” in India. The golden yellow spice is used in many eastern and Asian dishes. Turmeric contains Curcumin, a compound that is well known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It is also the active component of the rhizome of Turmeric. It may function as a powerful aid to maintain good health and traditionally has been used to support healthy joints as well as good digestion.  It also is used  to improve liver function and provide antioxidant activity.

What is MediHerb® Termeric Forte?

It is Fenugreek seed & Turmeric rhizome extract.  It is standardized to deliver bioavailable curcumin that may be easier for the body to absorb. This means you can take less to achieve the desired effect.

Who Needs MediHerb® Termeric Forte?

All adults that need help supporting and maintaining healthy joints, improving liver health, function or digestive health should really benefit from Termeric Forte. It’s natural antioxidants help protect from free radicals and stimulating our antioxidant mechanisms.

How is MediHerb® Termeric Forte Different?

It delivers plant-sourced, bio-available curcumin. It is a combined blend of curcuminoids from turmeric rhizome & soluble fiber from Fenugreek seed. It is found in clinical studies to have advanced the bio-availability of curcuminoids. The curcumin-fenugreek fiber extract formulation had 24.8 times the bio-availability of an equivalent amount of unformulated curcuminoids in a recent clinical study.

MediHerb® Turmeric Forte is manufactured in Australia to the high standards of international pharmaceuticals Good Manufacturing Practice. The stringent testing ensure that the curcuminoids are delivered in the final product.

The Benefits of This Supplement

  • It supports a healthy inflammatory response.
  • It’s used to maintain & support healthy joints.
  • It provides antioxidant activity.
  • It supports a healthy response to environmental stressors.
  • It supports health liver function.
  • It’s used to support healthy digestion.

Ask your health care provider about how it can benefit you. They can inform you of any cautions to be aware of when taking this product.